How Much Does It Cost To Do A Will?

      By Paul Radford

      Well, if you ask me, a lawyer practising in the area of wills and estates for years, the answer is that “it depends”

      You knew I was going to say that, didn’t you.

      A simple enough question you may say and my situation is really simple.  Just tell me how much!

      The proper answer depends on who is preparing your “will” and when, how, and who has to pay for it. Now or later?  Little or lots? You or your loved ones?

      You may well have carefully assessed your own legal situation as simple and you may well be right.  You may also be wrong.

      If you do it yourself or virtually online or you use a free-will kit, or someone does help you who is not a solicitor admitted in Queensland, you are entering dangerous territory. 

      What could possibly go wrong?

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