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Employment & Industrial Relations Law for Workers

Employment & Industrial Relations Law for Workers

Connolly Suthers has the expertise to assist you in all employment and industrial law matters.

Areas of expertise that Connolly Suthers can assist you with are as follows.

Workplace Documentation:

You should never sign an employment contract (or contractor’s agreement) without first obtaining advice on the terms of the document.

We can assist you in reviewing your current employment contract documentation and providing quick, clear and practical advice about the things you need to know. This may include when you are starting a new job, are part of a re-structuring process occurring in your current workplace, or considering leaving your current employment and seeking advice on restraint-of-trade clauses.


If your employment has been terminated or your position has been made redundant, we can provide you with advice on any claims that may be available to you. If you believe that you have been unfairly dismissed from your employment, or treated harshly, unjustly or unreasonably, then you may be eligible to make an application to the Fair Work Commission for an unfair dismissal remedy, claiming an unlawful termination, for a general protection order, or another type of claim.

It is important to remember that strict time frames apply to making claims of this nature.

Workplace Disputes:

Disputes will inevitably arise in the workplace. We can assist in all forms of disputes to ensure that a resolution is concluded in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.


Discrimination occurs when there is an unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex. It occurs when someone with a certain characteristic is treated less favourably than someone without that characteristic. Discrimination also occurs when an unreasonable policy applies in the workplace and it impacts more on a particular person or group of people because of a certain characteristic that they may have.

Discrimination can have devastating and long-lasting effects on an employee.

We can assist you if you have suffered any form of discrimination in the workplace, including being dismissed from your employment for discriminatory reasons, or being demoted or disadvantaged by discriminatory means.

The majority of discrimination claims are successfully settled without ever needing to go to Court. We have considerable knowledge and experience to negotiate and effectively reach a settlement on your behalf.

Bullying and Harassment:

Anyone can be subjected to bullying in the workplace. No one should put up with unlawful bullying or workplace harassment.

We can assist you in seeking to put a stop to the workplace bullying. We also have the expertise and experience to assist you in making a bullying or harassment claim and to reach a quick and cost-effective resolution.

If you require assistance with any employment matters, please call or email Brendan Gaeta.

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