Estate Dispute Resolution

      Wherever emotions and property are involved, disputes can and do arise.

      The absence of a will, or a poorly prepared or considered will, can leave the estate open to challenges and claims. Family disputes can cause additional complications at an already difficult time.

      Connolly Suthers provides a range of services to objectively and efficiently resolve estate administration disputes.

      • obtaining probate or letters of administration
      • administering the estate in accordance with the will or rules of intestacy
      • contesting/challenging/defending/construing a will
      • initiating or defending challenges and claims against an estate
      • initiating or defending family provision claims
      • removing an executor or trustee

      What will it cost?

      After reviewing your situation and instructions we will provide you with a costs disclosure before doing any work for you.  

      There is no obligation if you decide not to proceed after receiving our costs disclosure.

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