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Business Sales & Acquisitions

Business Sales & Acquisitions

Are you selling a business or acquiring a new business?

If so, Connolly Suthers has a highly knowledgeable and experienced business law department that can assist you in all stages of the transaction. We can:

  1. Provide you with structuring advice to ensure that you set up the correct business enterprise;
  2. Help you identify all of the key issues you need to consider in your business sale or acquisition;
  3. Document and negotiate the business contract terms on your behalf;
  4. Conduct all necessary searches on your behalf;
  5. Negotiate and document the surrender of lease, assignment of lease, or new lease for the business premises;
  6. Assist in the assignment of any service agreements or contractor’s agreements;
  7. Assist in the transfer of any employees, or other business assets; and
  8. Undertake all aspects of the business conveyance .

Connolly Suthers will ensure that the complexities of business law are unravelled and make light work of the business sale or acquisition. We will guide you through the process and keep you updated every step of the way.

We are dedicated to listening to our clients and understanding their unique goals and legal requirements. We provide professional advice and a personalised service at competitive rates.

For advice on the purchase or sale of a business, or for an estimate of the legal costs and outlays associated with your business conveyance, please call or email:

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