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Advance Health Directives

Advance Health Directives

When it comes to medical care, we all have the right to decide what is best for ourselves, our bodies and our family.

We have the right to accept or refuse medical treatment. But what if—due to serious injury, illness or incapacity—we are unable to make informed decisions about our own care?

An advance health directive is a document that allows you to clearly state your wishes and give directions about how you would like your body to be treated. For instance, you may wish to stipulate:

  • treatments you don’t wish to receive if your illness is terminal
  • medical procedures you don’t wish to receive due to cultural beliefs
  • the extent to which you would allow medical intervention to keep you alive

An advance health directive will give your family support and peace of mind, by clearly communicating your wishes. You also have the option of nominating a representative for health and medical matters.

Your advance health directive only comes into effect if you are incapable of making the decision for yourself—for example, if you are unconscious or mentally incapacitated.

There are important medical and ethical issues that need to be discussed at length. Connolly Suthers will help you to work through these matters, and consult with your family and doctor.

An advance health directive will ensure you always have a choice and voice when it comes to your medical care.

What will it cost?

After reviewing your situation and instructions we will provide you with a costs disclosure before doing any work for you. 

There is no obligation if you decide not to proceed after receiving our costs disclosure.

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