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Property Lawyer Townsville

Property Lawyer Townsville

We provide practical, prompt, and effective advice to our clients in all areas of property law. 

Property law encompasses the myriad of legislative guidelines around buying, selling and all matters of property. Connolly Suthers can offer you the most reliable and knowledgeable property lawyer in Townsville to ensure all concerns to do with property are managed effectively.

The laws and regulations applying to various aspects of the property market and home ownership can be complicated and extensive. Connolly Suthers provides a comprehensive employment and industrial relations service to all Townsville clients. Our experienced property law department are knowledgeable in developing property for both personal and commercial uses and can assist with all matters relating to the purchase of property, selling of property, renting, buying, and developing land.

The Connolly Suthers team of property lawyers have years of experience in dealing with real estate transactions, vacant land and apartment developments, town planning issues, leasing, and rural land transactions across Townsville and the region of North Queensland. Connolly Suthers are your premier property lawyers in Townsville, supporting both buyers and sellers in the property market develop their portfolios.  

The Property Lawyers Townsville Developers Rely On

The growth of Townsville’s city over the years has been aided by successful property developers in the area. The development of property is vital to ensuring there are homes for new residents to live in, alongside facilities for these new residents to enjoy and socialise within. Townsville has flourished with the support of determined and community-minded developers. If you are a property developer looking to facilitate the purchase of new land, or you are looking for clearance to renovate existing land, you’ll need the most dependable and trustworthy property lawyer Townsville-wide. 

The development and property lawyers Townsville team within Connolly Suthers offer extensive experience in the field, working on large and complex development projects with developers, landowners, government authorities and corporations. Whether it be for rural services or land issues towards the city, you know you’re in safe hands with Connolly Suthers.

The laws surrounding property development can be both daunting and complex, especially for novice property developers. Connolly Suthers’ expert team of lawyers can explain every part of the process to developers with their first project, or the finer details to developers who hold an extensive portfolio. Our team will provide a careful assessment of all applicable legislation to your desired project and determine your best course of action. Our advice is timely, meticulously devised, and understanding. Working with Connolly Suthers will ensure your project runs smoothly.

Get Your Property Development Off the Ground with Connolly Suthers 

Within the complex world of property development, your Connolly Suthers property lawyer is knowledgeable in all matters involving upcoming developments. Our Townsville property lawyers can assist all matters in the following legal areas:

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What Do We Do? 

Property development law is a complex field, mishandling important documents can cost developers millions. There are also certain legislations and guidelines that if missed, can prevent constructions from getting off the ground. Depending on the nature of your project, you’ll need tailored advice regarding legal procedures that must be completed before commencing any work. Our legal assistance is offered in the follow aspects of property law and beyond:

  • Guidance on the contract for the sale and purchase of property for development.
  • Advice and support establishing contracts with builders and other service suppliers for the project.
  • Reviewing and apply local council planning codes to advise permitted development
  • Assistance with any issues occurring throughout the development application and construction certificate process.
  • Support with any terms and conditions associated with the acquisition of finance for the project.
  • Drawing up relevant contracts for prospective investors.
  • Support for any required appeals made to the Land and Environment Court against refusals of development applications.
  • Assistance with Section 96 applications to modify existing developments.
  • Representation against any prosecution that falls under the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act.
  • Support for any legal responsibilities that involve heritage issues, including grants and transferral of heritage floor space entitlements and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need the assistance of a property lawyer?

Investing in property with the intention of developing or renovating buildings is a profitable enterprise. There are, however, many laws and regulations that guide what developers can do to property and existing land. The Connolly Suthers property lawyers are experienced in acting on large development projects on behalf of developers, landowners, and corporations. For large scale residential property developments to retail, shopping centres, and other commercial developments, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Connolly Suthers will ensure your development is fully compliant with planning approval legislation. Having a knowledgeable and professional property lawyer will assist you in streamlining the process and ensuring you are fully aware of what needs to happen for projects to commence. The Connolly Suthers legal team has years of experience and will creatively solve whatever issue may arise.

What is a DA?

A DA or Development Approval is necessary before commencing construction, demolition, or any work on land. There are a range of categories that fit within DA, such as small commercial and residential projects, tree removal, small bar, food, and drink premises, and more. It is crucial you are aware of the specific DA forms that need to be completed based on the category your land falls under. Each DA will require unique forms based on the location of the development and the nature of it. Your Connolly Suthers Lawyer can assist you in investigating whether you need permission to develop in your proposed location and what category DA you need, or whether you need it at all.

How can Connolly Suthers help me?

Connolly Suthers have been the premier choice for property lawyers Townsville-wide, for a number of decades. Our commitment to service sees us guide our customers through legal issues that range in size.  Our fully certified team has been hand selected from the top educational institutes in the region, and every member of our team has a deep connection to the area. We put Townsville residents first, and take on work in matters that will be beneficial to the wider community. 

Developing property is important in the economy of Townsville, and the experience of our team and our passion for improvement makes us the perfect partnership for prospective developers looking to smoothly improve the community. We know the rights and obligations of developers and will ensure all necessary legislations are adhered to. By simplifying all the processes around property law, we will save you time and money by enabling you to get your projects in motion quicker.

Where Is the Connolly Suthers Office Located?

Our office can be found at 416 Flinders Street, Townsville.

What is the best way to contact the Connolly Suthers office?

You can call our Townsville office on 07 4771 5664.

Alternatively, submit an email enquiry to The Connolly Suthers team will endeavour to respond to your enquiry within one business day.

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