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Body Corporate - Structuring Advice & Dispute Resolution Services

Body Corporate - Structuring Advice & Dispute Resolution Services

With an increasing move towards higher density living there are more and more community titles schemes coming into existence.

Living in a community titles scheme can often be attractive for home owners, as there can be enjoyment of better services and facilities, the building and landscaping standards are often higher with regular maintenance by the body corporate on behalf of lot owners, there is shared ownership over common facilities, one insurance policy covering all lot units, amongst many other benefits.

Body corporate law is often complex. Connolly Suthers has a team of experienced lawyers who can provide cost effective advice on all areas of body corporate law. As the law firm behind many North Queensland developments, Connolly Suthers has a wealth of experience in dealing with the legal issues associated with body corporate law. We can provide expert advice and services to all parties involved in body corporate matters, including:-

  • Committee resolutions and matters;
  • Body corporate approval processes and resolutions;
  • Preparing and registering a New or First Community Management Statement;
  • Resident Managers, Caretakers and/or Letting Agents arrangements and agreements;
  • Management Rights agreements and assignments;
  • All other body corporate matters.

Unfortunately, things may sometimes go wrong and disputes arise between owners or between owners and the body corporate. If you find yourself engaged in a formal dispute resolution process, Connolly Suthers has the knowledge and experience to assist you through a mediation or adjudication process.

If you require assistance with body corporate structuring advice or dispute resolution, please call or email:

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