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Preparation of Mortgage & other Security Documents

Preparation of Mortgage & other Security Documents

Connolly Suthers can assist you in preparation and/or negotiation of mortgage and other security documents, including:

  • Loan agreements
  • Mortgage documents
  • Security agreements
  • Mortgage debentures
  • Guarantee and indemnity deeds

It is important that the documents be prepared accurately and clearly contain all of the loan particulars, including the loan amount, the loan term, the ability of the borrower to re-draw on the loan, the repayment manner, the interest rate and payments terms, the provision of security and what constitutes a default with accompanying default provisions. Connolly Suthers can prepare mortgage documents for simple or complex transactions .

It is equally important that before you sign mortgage documents with a bank or other financier you read and understand the documents carefully. Connolly Suthers can also assist you with:

  • Loan application assistance
  • Witnessing mortgage documents and supplying certificates
  • Preparation of loan and mortgage documents
  • Preparation of security documents (including guarantees and indemnities)
  • Property searches and reports
  • Liaison with financial institutions
  • Discharging paid-out mortgages
  • Documentation for loans within families

If you require assistance with any mortgage or other security document matters, please call or email:

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