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Business Services & Employment Law

Business Services & Employment Law

Connolly Suthers has an extensive business law department that can provide you with professional advice on all areas of business law in Townsville. We provide simple and usable advice, with personalised service at competitive rates.

Our business lawyers specialise in all legal matters referring to contracts, commercial leasing, business structure advice, buying or selling businesses, and more. At Connolly Suthers, we understand the needs of small to medium-sized businesses, and work closely with a range of local businesses in Townsville. We are determined to assist in empowering these businesses to grow, with personalised legal advice for a wide set of requirements.

At Connolly Suthers, we understand the challenges business owners face when juggling the operation of a successful business alongside complicated legal obligations. Legal requirements are often ignored as a priority, as in most instances, they are not directly income producing. However, this is a dangerous mindset and can cost businesses further on. To help mitigate the risk of unforeseen legal complications, Townsville businesses should seek the counsel of a leading business lawyer Townsville team, like Connolly Suthers. 

Business owners seeking to handle legal matters for themselves will often make mistakes that prove to be exceptionally costly. If you need counsel on anything business-related, you need the best business lawyer in Townsville – assistance you can find with Connolly Suthers.

Business Lawyer Townsville: What Do We Do?

Lawyers help both organisations and individuals through complex legal processes in business. These lawyers assist their clients in filing cases, preparing legal documents and overseeing trials and hearings. Other duties of a Connolly Suthers business lawyer include settling claims and taking depositions. It does not matter what industry your business operates within; our specialised team of business lawyers can ensure any proceedings are handled with diligence.

The Trusted Local Business Solicitors 

Transparency defines the Connolly Suthers service. We are upfront and honest with what needs to be done to ensure your business is protected and you continue to operate under applicable legislation. Our top priority is ensuring each of our clients is fully aware of the legal systems that govern their operation. If you are considering engaging the service of a business lawyer, but are unsure of our responsibilities, consider the following list to see if your business can benefit from our services: 

  • Drawing up contracts: You need to understand exactly which forms you need to have prepared when hiring new employees. We can help write effective and detailed contracts that meet the needs of your business.
  • Starting a business: Whether you're choosing between an LLC, an S Corp, or another business type, you'll need professional advice or else you will face a costly fix down the line, and even then, you might not notice for years.
  • Real Estate issues: If your business operates on owned or leased property, you'll need the assistance of a business lawyer to negotiate any sales or leases and navigate the web of laws surrounding real estate in the business world.
  • Resolving business claims: Every business owner hopes their workplace runs smoothly. However, circumstances do arise where an unbiased business lawyer is required to handle issues within the workplace. A business lawyer ensures workplace standards are met and best practices enforced.
  • Risk management and compliance: A proactive business lawyer will advise your business owner surrounding compliance issues and aid in developing systems that observe for risk.
  • Handling mergers & acquisitions: If you're thinking about buying out a competitor or if you're being acquired by a larger company, your business lawyer Townsville solicitor will guide you through the process to guarantee the safety of your business.
  • Business dispute resolution: If you have a dispute in your business or perhaps involving a client breaking contract, our service can ensure your obligations are met, and the correct resolution is decided on your behalf.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a business lawyer?

Simply put, business lawyers help businesses solve problems. There is an understanding that attorneys charge high rates, and as such, most small to medium-sized businesses don't have the capital to pay for a legal team. Because of this, these small business owners will only ever engage a legal representative when confronted by a serious legal issue. What many business owners fail to consider is that by engaging with a business lawyer early on, it will help their business avoid higher costs later on. When a business faces an issue that is either too complex, too time-consuming, or fraught with liability issues for the business owner, you will know it's time to call Connolly Suthers for the most trusted business lawyer Townsville wide. 

Connolly Suthers will ensure your business is fully compliant with any corporate legislation; A dependable and experienced business lawyer will protect your business and promote its growth. Don't make the mistake of attempting to cover yourself alone; save yourself the hassle down the line and get the right business lawyer today.

How might a Connolly Suthers business lawyer in Townsville help me?

Connolly Suthers has been the top choice for business lawyers in Townsville for decades. You may not need a lawyer for every issue that arises in the management of your business; however, when you do need a lawyer, you must choose the right one. Many business owners will not even know they need a lawyer until it's too late. 

Connolly Suthers will stand by your business throughout all legal processes, no matter how long or complex. Our team has experience dealing with businesses of all sizes, and we ensure all managers stay in compliance with the law. Our meticulous approach to business law allows us to spot issues early and ensure issues are promptly rectified. We put Townsville business first and are committed to helping locals.

Where is the Connolly Suthers office located?

Our office can be found at 416 Flinders Street, Townsville.

What is the best way to contact the Connolly Suthers office?

You can call our Townsville office on 07 4771 5664.

Alternatively, submit an email enquiry to The Connolly Suthers team will respond to your enquiry within one business day.

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