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Free Family Law Resources

Free Family Law Resources

Practical post separation tips 

The decision to end a marriage or de facto relationship means more than severing an emotional attachment. It also means severing financial and domestic interdependency from each other. With many aspects of life intertwined during a relationship, listed in our 'Practical Post Separation Tips' document are things you may wish to consider doing after separating from your spouse.

Download our 'Practical Post Separation Tips' document here. 

Family Law Property Settlement - Schedule of Property

Before you can divide your matrimonial or de facto property after separating from your spouse, you first have to know what there is. Listed in our 'Schedule of Property' document are tables to help you identify what assets, liabilities and financial resources you and your former spouse have and the history of your financial relationship. This is the starting point to severing the financial relationship between you.

Download our 'Schedule of Property' document here. 

Family Law Property Settlement - List of Financial Documents 

When going through property matters with your former spouse, there is a requirement to exchange relevant financial documents to ensure that you are both fully informed of your intertwined financial relationship. The relevance of a financial document to your property settlement matter will depend upon your particular situation. As a starting point, listed in our 'List of Financial Documents' are financial documents you should compile where relevant to you or your former spouse.

Download our 'List of Financial Documents' here. 

Parenting Diary

A parenting diary is an informal record which can be used by you and your former spouse to record details of events and chronology of parenting matters relating to your child or children. It is not to be used as a means of expressing your feelings, but as a means of recording factual details.

Download your 'Parenting Diary' here.


Communication Book 

A communication book is an informal record which can be used between you and your former spouse, as parents of your child or children, for the purpose of providing a user friendly method to raise issues between you relating to parenting matters for your child or children and assist in facilitating effective co-parenting between you and your former spouse.

Download the 'Communication Book' here.  

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