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History of Connolly Suthers Lawyers

History of Connolly Suthers Lawyers

Founded in Townsville in 1895, Connolly Suthers has grown to become one of the most diverse and dynamic firms in North Queensland. Operating from its premises in Flinders Street, Townsville - the former AMP Building, built in 1936 as well as an established practice in Ayr since 2012.

A large portion of our associates and employees are graduates of the local James Cook University Law School and are similarly committed to pursuing their careers in the region. This year, Connolly Suthers Lawyers celebrates 125 years of providing nothing but high-quality legal service in North Queensland.

Milestones highlighting our growth include:

  • 1895 - Alfred Glassford Unmack, a Lawyer and Notary Public, commenced practice at an office in Flinders Street within 100 metres of the General Post Office (now the premises occupied by The Brewery).  Initially he practised under the name of A.G. Unmack. At this stage Townsville was only 31 years young
  • 1899 - The firm changed its name to Unmack & Connolly after the introduction of Hugh Connolly as a partner
  • 1909 - George Suthers, a young lawyer who had started working at the firm in 1901, became a partner and the firm name changed again, this time to Connolly and Suthers 
  • 1982 - By this time the firm was known as Connolly Suthers & Walker, before it merged with another established Townsville law firm, Land & Co and in recognition of that merger was known as Connolly Suthers Land & Co. 
  • 1985 - The firm reverted to its early name, Connolly Suthers
  • 1995 - The firm purchased its premises the old AMP Building on 416 Flinders Street where we remain today 
  • 2012 – Connolly Suthers Ayr office opened
  • 2015 – Celebrated 120 years of continuous operation in the Townsville district
  • 2020 – Celebrated 125 years of continuous operation in the Townsville district
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