Legal Advice for Issues About Children

      In a perfect world, all separated couples would be able to agree about the future living and parenting arrangements for their children.

      However, it is not always possible for separated couples to reach an agreement and you may need some assistance to do this. You may also wish to formalise your agreement.

      The law regarding children’s arrangements can be complex.

      At Connolly Suthers we provide guidance during what can be a difficult time for a parent and their children.

      When children are involved in a separation, the paramount consideration is that of the children’s best interests. At Connolly Suthers, we encourage parents to conclude suitable living and parenting arrangements for their children without going to Court.

      Once reached, an agreement about the future living and parenting arrangements for the children can be formally recorded as a parenting order made by the court, or more informally, as a parenting plan.   Each method has different advantages and disadvantages. It is important that you receive advice about your options.

      Whether you are separated or contemplating separation, our family law team will provide you with clear and accurate legal advice in relation to all matters and issues concerning your children, including:

      • Parental rights and responsibility
      • Relocation
      • Abduction and recovery of children
      • Paternity
      • Family Dispute Resolution
      • Formalising parenting arrangements
      • Parenting plans and consent orders
      • Court proceedings
      • Contravention of parenting orders
      • Child Protection Issues
      • Child Maintenance

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