Wills and Estates

      Once upon a time having a simple Will usually did the trick.

      Our experienced lawyers deal with the myriad of complications that are encountered in today’s world on a daily basis. Whether you are trying to plan things to avoid costly and ugly fights or you have found yourself in one, we can help.  We also quickly and effectively administer Estates with minimum fuss and costs.

      Superannuation. Life insurance. Investments. Many and varied assets. Property. Business operations. Family farms. Blended families. Broken families. De facto relationships. Beneficiaries with special needs. And then there are the many legal requirements and tax obligations. 

      We handle real cases for real people caught up in all sorts of legal wrangles and tangles regarding Enduring Powers of Attorneys, Wills, Estates and Superannuation. 

      For more resources on our Wills and Estate Planning read our blog HERE

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