Estate Administration

      The administration of a deceased estate can be a lengthy, complicated and challenging process—logistically and emotionally.

      Connolly Suthers provides a range of services to efficiently, objectively and sensitively assist with estate administration:

      • interpreting, communicating and enacting the will
      • collecting the funds, assets and property of the estate
      • transferring and distributing these assets to the nominated beneficiaries
      • administering an estate where there is no will, or an invalid or incomplete will, in accordance with the rules of intestacy
      • finalising affairs, in consultation with accountants and financial advisers, as required
      • administering succession plans
      • obtaining probate or letters of administration
      • initiating or defending challenges to a will.

      Connolly Suthers can assist executors and trustees in administering the estate, and beneficiaries in managing their bequests.

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