Contract Disputes

      Whether you are buying land, building a house, setting up a business venture or completing a major construction project, contracts are a part of everyday modern life.

      Contracts are used to define parties' obligations to one another and their rights in the event of a dispute.  

      When things go wrong, expert advice is critical if you want to escape or enforce your contract. At Connolly Suthers our goal is to deliver a solution that achieves your aim in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, avoiding lengthy and expensive litigation wherever possible. Our expert litigation lawyers consistently deliver effective advice and outcomes to our clients.    

      In contract disputes our clients include individuals, small to large businesses, developers, partnerships, joint-venturers, body corporates and a wide range of professionals.

      We have extensive experience in the following contractual disputes:

      • Business contracts and commercial agreements
      • Building and construction including subcontractors charges
      • Commercial, industrial and residential property including leasing and caveats
      • Australian Consumer Law and the Australian Competition & Consumer Act
      • Joint-venture and development arrangements
      • Employment and consultancy arrangements

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