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Top 10 Tips For Separated Parents During COVID-19

By Julie Bligh

You are separated, you don’t get on with your ex but you still have to talk to them about your children. 

Pretty stressful?  You bet.

Then pile on the upheaval and uncertainty of dealing with Covid-19, and watch your stress levels rise...

I have been a lawyer for over 25 years, specialise in family law, and can say that separated parents have never had to deal with anything like this. 

I know it can be really difficult to deal with your ex at the best of times.  The last thing you feel like doing is being patient and flexible.  But if you can: stay calm, minimise conflict and then you won’t need to get lawyers involved to sort out arrangements for your kids.

If in spite of your best efforts things are getting worse, not better, as you try to talk to your ex, give us a call. 

We can go through the issues with you and come up with a practical plan to try to sort things out quickly and without the stress and cost of going to Court. We’re helping a lot of people to deal with this and can work with you to find a solution.

Our country is at war with this virus, but you don’t want war breaking out on the home front!  It’s not good for you, and it’s not good for your kids.

The Law Council of Australia has put together some tips for helping separated parents get through this, see below. 

Julie Bligh is a special counsel and Accredited Specialist in Family Law.  Contact Julie and our Family Law Team if you need help and advice.

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